Aggressive Claims Handling for Better Results

PCM provides boutique-level service for employers seeking a highly involved and dedicated partner for the management of their workers’ compensation claims. The company takes an aggressive approach to claims management, with a reputation for making its partners’ workers’ compensation programs as efficient, effective, and affordable as possible.

In such a highly regulated and competitive industry, PCM stands out by its commitment to the fundamentals – in particular, excellent claims handling. It achieves this through a combination of time-tested best practices, new technology, and workflows that help its employees to resolve claims as fast and cost-effectively as possible.

Above and beyond traditional third-party claims administrators, PCM offers its partners a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Strong, long-lasting client relationships based on trust and communication
  • A proven track record of reduced claims costs and duration
  • Consistency in reserve management for workers’ compensation programs
  • Close ties with state and federal agency leadership
  • Success in achieving long-term operational and cultural change for employers
  • Timely information on legislation, judicial updates, and industry developments
  • Flexibility on fee structures

Flexible and Reliable Service Options

In addition to third party claims administration services, PCM offers various cost containment and managed care services, including medical bill review, utilization review, medical provider networks, and nurse case management, among others.

Each of these services, with the exception of bill review, is provided by qualified outside vendors and only available to employers that also use PCM as the third-party claims administrator for their workers’ compensation programs. This approach is critical for eliminating potential conflicts of interest as well as unnecessary markup costs on services to PCM clients.

PCM is committed to ensuring that employers receive the most flexible, reliable, and transparent cost containment and managed care services possible.