Pacific Claims Management was established in 2008 as a resource company for California employers.

The mission of the company was to help employers make their workers’ compensation programs as efficient, effective and affordable as possible.  

Pacific Claims Management identified a need and opportunity for quality service in workers’ compensation claims administration.  Pacific Claims Management became a licensed third-party claims administrator in 2011, giving California employers the value of responsive performance, reliable accountability, real transparency and refreshing honesty.

Today, Pacific Claims Management continues to work closely with our clients, building long-term, trusted relationships and offering meaningful consultation in matters affecting their efficiency, effectiveness and bottom line. Since 2008, we have helped dozens of employers become stand-alone self-insured – many of which had been in captives or JPAs – as well enabling them to experience incredible cost savings.

Our core values:

  • Performance
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Honor

We’ll improve your claims administration experience through:

  • Strong client connections, relationships & retention
  • Track record of reduced claims costs & duration
  • Consistency in reserve management 
  • Timely information on legislation, judicial updates & industry info
  • Close ties with state & federal agency leadership
  • Experienced in achieving operational & cultural change for employers
  • Flexibility on fee structures